Devlog 10

The main bulk of our visual developers’ work has been completed, with what felt like an endlessly long list of environment models slowly being checked off over the weeks. Now, however, we need to fill the beautiful world we’ve created with the creatures who live there. 

In our first blog, we mentioned a base body model for characters that we used to create Maive, Lennie and Nomena. That model got put to good use this week as the buskers we designed last month finally transformed from concept sketches to 3D assets, complete with accordion, banjo and bongo. With each asset and character that joins the island, it feels accurate to say that God is in the details.

The Mountain layout was decided this week, as well as concept art and model for Maive’s mother. It’s safe to say our 3D creation process is almost over, as we focus on the end game experience and NPC extras.

After setting up the structure for our main mechanic, our Technical Director started implementing the 2D assets and 2D animations in Unity Engine for the first story. A lot of little features were also added like mist and some post processing effects like depth of field, adding a bit of flavour to the game.

Our narrative designer also finished all of the text assets. With momentum building on the book mechanic, it’s only a matter of time before it’ll be time to create the final story of the game, and it helps our workflow as a team to make sure no team member is waiting on another for work. We’ve prioritised tasks accordingly to make sure this doesn’t happen.