Devlog 11

Work continued on creating NPCs (non-player characters) for the game. Designs were being produced quickly, using the base body template as a baseline shape for all the characters. We’re trying to put a good mix of mammals in there, and so far we have a ferret, wolf, sheep and more! The main difficulty with designing these characters is their clothes. Clothing, as with everything pertaining to design, needs to be consistent throughout the game. But because our game is set in a fantasy world, finding that consistency can be hard. We haven’t pinned our narrative to a certain point in time and put a fantasy twist on it, so there’s no historical research that can be undertaken to give us ideas. Our creativity has been tested this week, with pleasing results. 

Felix the fox was among the first batch of NPCs to be modelled and textured.

Some more progress was made on our main Storybook Mechanic with the setup of the quill almost completed. The quill would allow the player to progress through the storybook and interact with characters and objects in the story. It was tricky to make the quill work on a 2D space in a 3D scene but the issue was solved after some research into it. More 2D assets and animations were also set up alongside.