Devlog 12

Another busy week for NPC designs as a turtle concept is created, as well as personal concepts for characters linking to the creators. These characters will reflect our personalities. Nomena’s mother was designed and created this week. Her charm and attitude are shown visually. Naomi is her name, and she has turned out to be one of our designers favourite characters. Skipping the pile of concept designs for characters, the pandas design and model was created shortly after Naomi. He is yet to be named.

Many of the NPCs we mentioned last week were modelled and textured, ready to be animated and put into the game. Three of these are associated with previously mentioned contest winners on Twitter. A pig, sheep and wolf will be selling specific fruits and vegetables about the island with direct mention to our contest winners, so alongside the character models, we also made blueberries, mangos and broccoli as per the winners’ requests.

After the tedious task of setting up all the 2D assets and animations into the storybook mechanic, our first story was finally completed and ready to be tested. Loads of little bugs were also fixed alongside. Affordance and visibility of interactable objects was improved, making it more obvious to spot interactable words and characters. The game was getting close to reaching its first big milestone.

A few weeks ago we mentioned how we’d ploughed through our enormous list of environment assets and finished them all off, but predictably, we ended up with more models needing to be designed that had fallen through the cracks. Most of these were for Maive’s community: a snow-laden little village at the mountain’s peak. The trouble is, many of our models weren’t actually snow-laden, so they needed to be changed or created. That, and we needed a little bit more indication of which house is Maive’s in order to ensure the player can trigger the game’s finale. A little letter-box embellished with a red-panda symbol helped with this, and hopefully will give the player an environmental cue alongside scripted camera movements to direct them towards their end goal.