Devlog 5

A truckload of animation completed this week, also with previous exporting issues fixed. Maive is now fully animated and capable of showing our game mechanics in two stances. Garveet and Nomena were also hooked up to our armature rig this week, giving them the basic walk, talk and idle animations. With all of these new animations complete, it got confusing to understand the way in which they will transition with one another. To combat this, our animator prepared a documented map of the animation transitions to make it simpler.

More environment models were made this week, completing Calico Cove’s asset list. The final stretch was a bit fiddly, with the creation of shell garlands to be hung from the doors of fishmongers, and making actual fish, fruit and vegetables to line the stalls of the shops. But despite this somewhat tedious task, these models are the things that really bring Maive to life – the little details that make the world feel truly immersive and lived-in. 

We also put some of the choice for these details in the hands of you – the player. We held a little contest on the official Otter Tales Productions Twitter, asking you to guess the identities of our simple, low poly orbs based on size and colour alone. The first three to guess correctly were awarded their own fruit or vegetable to be featured in the game with an accompanying comment from an NPC, so look out for broccoli and some others when you play the game!

Whilst Calico Cove feels almost complete, modelling is underway for our next area: Clifftop Campsite. Whilst a lot smaller than Calico Cove, the campsite has to feel just as immersive. We can’t wait to finish the models and get them into Unity to create a cosy little campsite on the cliff overlooking the ocean. The campsite is also where the players will meet Garveet, and if we thought his character model was tough, his cart of splendid goods is even more fiddly to make.

Our dialogue system went through a major update and was re-structured for our gameplay and mechanical needs. An event system was added to make it easier for the code to understand when a certain action is going to take place in the dialogue. UI was also updated which made the dialogues look much more presentable. A major visual rework also took place which included the addition of things like ambient lighting, water shader, skybox shader and an update to our toon shader. This rework not only made the game look more alive but also boosted the team’s morale.

HUD and UI considerations started to make an appearance this week, as we are getting closer to our mechanics being ready; we wanted to make sure the players can understand and navigate our game easily. A collection HUD was decided upon for interactable objects within the game.

Game promotion video production started this week, with all of our team members introducing themselves and discussing the game’s story and mechanics. Not much else will be discussed about this, but eventually this video will be edited and be released before the game.