Devlog 9

Our mountain houses were modelled and textured this week, complete with snow and icicles to suit the environment. 

And with that… All of our 3D models have been completed! And many of them are now in place in the Unity build. The world feels more real than ever, and is wonderful to explore even by our programmer who works with the project day-in and day-out. What used to be plain stretches of land are now well trodden pathways leading to lovely little communities that feel cosy and safe, yet interesting and unique.

The memories hidden in the environment that we mentioned in our last blog were all drawn up this week, and add an extra layer of depth to Maive’s character. With each of these memories, her personality and background becomes a more solid thing for the player, and now they are waiting to be put into the game.

More 2D assets were created in the form of the text for Maive’s stories. Her second story is about a proud bear who has to learn to accept help from those around her. All the text assets for this story have been created, ready to slot into the system our programmer has created for this mechanic.

A concept for a new NPC character emerged this week, after a discussion about making Maive’s world feel more alive with many new characters. Felix the fox is ready to be introduced to the world.