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Maive is a narrative adventure game about a travelling storyteller with a magic book that brings her stories to life. Join Maive as she traverses a remote, fantastical island, and meet a diverse and loveable cast of characters along your way. Connect with them through shared experiences by diving into the paper world of Maive’s storybook. Unravel her personal tale, discovering where she’s been, where she’s heading, and how the two are inextricably linked.
Maive is currently being developed for PC, but we are planning on porting it to Nintendo Switch as well. Maive is coming soon to Kickstarter!


  • Explore the beautiful 3D world of Calico and meet a diverse and lovable cast of characters along your way.
  • Take control of the 2D characters on Maive’s pages as she shares her stories with the people she meets on her journey.
  • Collect and interpret the memories of Calico’s residents using Maive’s magic book. Spin them into stories about whatever you’d like.
  • Keep in-touch with the Storyteller’s Guild by sending stories back via the magical post system.

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Intro Documentary: Maive


Maive: Hub World Demo

Maive: Book World Demo